The era of multifamily

It hasn't been difficult in recent years to find labels to describe the various social categories or fashions. We went from '' generation x '' to '' generation z '', the Millennials were born, the '' rustial '' was inaugurated in the home deco. But not only. We could go on indefinitely, but this is enough to understand how crucial market segments are today.

We could say of primary importance, given the critical period we are experiencing, which leads the different social groups to evolve in terms of needs and habits. It is therefore very important to be able to predict what the new trends will be and which categories will have the most relevance in market choices. This is why we at Realigro have decided to share with you our forecasts for real estate. The question we asked ourselves was the following: what will be the category that will dominate the real estate market after the pandemic emergency.

The answer was simple and intuitive. '' The multifamily ''. With this term, we refer not only to a target market, represented by potential buyers that will emerge in the near future. But the type of property that will be consolidated in the coming months is also examined. So, if you are curious to find out more and to find out how this segment will rule the international real estate market… well, you are in the right place. We have created a mini-section based on the data collected by the main international statistics centers. So, we can start!
Before leaving, let's define what is meant by the term '' multifamily ''.

By multifamily we mean real estate complexes that group several houses under the same roof. They are more easily recognized with the terms duplex or triplex. When there are more than four houses, it is called a multifamily in all respects. While this term may seem new to some countries, for others it has been widely consolidated for years. Especially in younger countries where there is no home ownership culture, but rents prevail. So, let's try to identify where this new trend will be further defined in Europe.
In Denmark, the share of investments in this segment has been truly remarkable. So much so that this nation ranks first in Europe. In fact, we are talking about 53 percentage points. The Netherlands also did not lag behind with its score: 39%, Last but not least in the top 4 are Spain with 29% and Sweden (28%). But if these were the percentages that are assumed to grow further in the following months, there was a nation that far exceeded expectations. A nation that is probably destined to reach first place in the standings. Germany, which autonomously, in the statistical prospectuses, will be able to reach 60% in the coming months.

A surprising result that denotes two needs: the first, that of allowing people to socialize, the second, that of opting for less expensive but certainly more flexible accommodations (most of the multifamily realities provide for leases).
While waiting to learn more, we invite you to stay updated on our portal!

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