The art of recycling: when wood is back in fashion

Did you know that in the last year, wood has returned to being a truly sought-after material in design? In fact, starting from the beginning of the pandemic emergency, the need to have constant contact with nature has grown at home. Even in the most geographically distant places from greenery. We can therefore say that 2020 has brought back into vogue a material set aside and replaced with as many easier to find. But also cheaper and more versatile.

We are talking about wood. Today we want to inform you not so much about the usefulness of this fantastic material, but about what people are actually looking for now, and how to make the most of it, even if ... recycled!
So here is an article that in addition to being informative, can also be useful for you! Let's start!
We assume that fashions come and go. But it seems, according to the statistics, that wood will not be a passing trend. Rather. Starting from an unexpected need, such as that of not losing contact with nature, it has now proved to be fundamental to be able to modernize the house with an innovative design.

But there is more. It is not just a theoretical return to nature. But practical. Man has rediscovered the beauty of greenery even in his own home, and how important it is to protect the surrounding environment, in order to re-appreciate it once all the restrictions that prevent him from leading a normal life have been eliminated. Therefore, the love of nature has resulted in both the purchase of wooden furniture but also looking at respect for the environment. Put simply: recycled wood. Here, then, is how the economy and the desire for green have combined. But in the process of choosing, if you also want to follow this trend, what should you look at to avoid problems or worse, non-ecological choices?
Ecological certifications! These are the very first signs to take into consideration when you want to opt for this material, without impacting. The most important organizations include:

- PEFC: this is a non-profit organization that promotes sustainable forest management. A real international organization based on the mutual recognition of sustainable forest management standards

- The FSC brand, which, quoting verbatim, '' identifies products containing wood from forests managed in a correct and responsible manner according to strict environmental, social and economic standards ''.

Therefore, if these marks are shown on a wooden product, it means that a conscious choice is being made, as well as having a low environmental impact. But it is also necessary to remember another useful element for using recycled wood in your own home. Its versatility.

As previously said, this material retains the basic properties of the wood itself, but has added values for those who choose it. One of these is the ability to withstand time and wear without requiring special care and maintenance. In addition, the cost of purchasing any piece of recycled wood furniture is much lower than a new one.
So will this be just a fashion, or the beginning of an eco-sustainable trend?

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