First house in hemp

We have already talked about how prefabricated houses have become a new trend in the real estate market. This is for various reasons. Practicality first. Secondly, the possibility of adapting and modulating the spaces according to one's needs. In a period like the one we are experiencing, there has therefore been no lack of new needs expressed and not by potential buyers. But what emerged on the international scene were the innovations introduced in our sector, and in the construction sector. Today, in fact, we intend to reveal to you one of these very special novelties that are going crazy on the web. These are not hoaxes but new construction methods focused on sustainability. But not only ... if you are curious and the title has already anticipated how innovative this article will be, well, we can start!

As can be seen from the title of our article, the novelty is all in the material used for the construction of new prefabricated structures: hemp! Not everyone knows that in ancient times hemp was often used to build buildings. But not only. Even more recently, this material has been exploited to make parts of panels or bricks. But from Holland comes a new use. The Dun Agro company has created for the first time ever a prefabricated house entirely in hemp. A notable turning point that seems to be the beginning of a new era in the construction sector. And real estate.

But let's go in order and try to understand how you can build a house in hemp. First of all, let's start with the material itself. Hemp is a variety of cannabis already used to build other products such as textiles, food and biofuels. It does not contain THC, therefore, it has no psychoactive effects. Combined with cement, it remains solid after three months of drying. This was in fact the period of time necessary to allow the structure built in Holland to solidify in all respects. But that is not all. The house in question was then transported and planted in a totally different place from that of construction. A very important factor that can represent a radical change in our sector. This procedure in fact can be repeated and can allow, compared to more traditional housing solutions, a reduction in production costs. Obviously the potential of this new type of construction does not stop there.

Always taking into consideration the ecological aspect, hemp structures derive from the consumption of a minimum part of materials, compared to those generally used. Furthermore, hemp itself is able to absorb CO2 during the drying process. Thus ensuring a beneficial effect on the surrounding environment. We also remember the great capacity of both thermal and acoustic insulation.
A real revolution, which will certainly positively influence the entire global real estate. But we at Realigro will certainly not stop here. We will continue to give you news about our sector as it is in progress but always ready to welcome news, even in times as difficult as the one we are experiencing!

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