Saltiest residential: Manila at the top

The pandemic period we are experiencing has generated profound changes regarding real estate. We have already seen how, in many countries, there has been a swing in prices. In some cases it was necessary to raise them, in others to decrease them. In extremis, it was mandatory to eliminate the announcements on the market, in order to avoid excessive devaluations. On the basis of this somewhat confusing situation, some realities emerged, worthy of mention.

In today's column, we will try to analyze which cities have stood out for the considerable increase in property prices. A quick, simple and intuitive reading. Necessary for those who want to approach the international real estate market. So, dear readers, if you are ready, we can inaugurate our column today! Let's start!
It is necessary to start from an assumption. Although in our introduction we stated that there have been various economic maneuvers implemented to raise real estate from the crisis, in most cases, it was preferred to increase prices rather than decrease them.

There is talk of a growth rate that fluctuates between 4 and 5% per year. So, the fact is the following: Covid has shown how resilient cities can be.
Obviously, the increase in prices was a prerequisite for the lowering of interest rates in the main cities, the encouragement of new fiscal stimuli and the implementation of government policies aimed at reviving the national economy. But let's see together which cities were the protagonists.
First of all, Manila. The Philippine city has experienced appalling price growth. In fact, we are talking about 35% more than in the last survey. A significant difference, which could discourage new buyers from immersing themselves in the local beauties. Or maybe not. You know, how wonderful these places are, it is difficult not to give in to temptation!
The Turkish cities of Izmir, Ankara and Istanbul follow in our ranking. With rates of increase in prices of 28, 27 and 26 percent respectively, they bypass the very cold St. Petersburg, which recorded '' only '' + 19%. It is obvious that the increase found in the various metropolises takes on more or less value depending on the pre-existing cost of living in the nation itself. Therefore, it is necessary to weigh each result according to this data. You want to know more right? Well, if you are curious, we will reveal the city that has seen its prices plummet.

To demonstrate the fact that it is necessary to carry out a real balance between factors, when analyzing data such as these. It will surprise you to know that Dubai reported -8 percentage points. Such a rich reality has in fact decided to lower market prices. The reason for this decision? According to experts, due to the narrow range of investors which, in recent times, has been increasingly narrowing. A further data worthy of mention is that relating to the Spanish Madrid, which has remained unchanged in terms of prices like Rio de Janeiro.
If this column has intrigued you, we advise you to discover the new ones we have created for you. But also take a look at the previous ones!

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