Independence is a woman: even in real estate

Today, International Women's Day is celebrated in many countries. A day of particular reflection, especially in a period in which gender-based violence still remains a present element within the social fabric. To pay homage to our readers, we have decided to create an all-female column. The undisputed protagonists of today's article are the choices of women in terms of their chosen real estate accommodation. It is known how the pandemic emergency has significantly and often irreversibly changed our choices and habits. However, we want to analyze what female preferences have been and still are when it comes to sales or lease agreements. Well, if you are also interested in this topic, you are in the right place. So, we just have to start!

It is said that women, over the years, thanks to the numerous gender struggles to obtain the same rights as men, naturally have a propensity for independence. Unlike the medieval conceptions according to which the woman was to be considered '' an angel of the hearth '', the guardian of the family and the house, fortunately nowadays this ideology has now passed. Let's see how, in fact, in recent years, it has been women in a higher percentage than men who have signed lease contracts. Many of these have chosen independent solutions, others instead of solutions for the entire family unit. But what are the types preferred by women?

We identify independent accommodation in first place, up compared to last year, with a percentage of 23%. In second place instead, we find the independent seeds, with 17 percentage points. There is also no lack of further autonomous solutions which however represent the clear sign of a society in post-pandemic evolution. We are talking about independent villas which, however, have large internal and external spaces. Houses with a simple balcony or green corner are also in great demand. In this case, the percentage is 15% more than in 2020. Compared to previous years, the cottages and terraced houses have not undergone significant alterations.

A new choice emerges on the international scene. For years it has been considered typically masculine. An alternative form of investment: the box. Compared to the classic apartment, the box has a much simpler management and guarantees an annual yield of 6%. A valid alternative for those who decide to actively invest in real estate. It is evident how, therefore, even real estate has turned pink in recent years. An important message that we want to underline and convey. Especially for the still cumbersome presence of closed and misogynistic mentality within society.

On this day we want to thank our readers. We wish you to always be so dynamic in this and in other sectors, debunking gender concepts. Every day you will find numerous news on the international real estate market and on how it is evolving. If you are curious to know more about this and other topics, we will throw you the following hashtag: #stayrealigro!

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