A home against Covid

Who would have thought that living and working at home would be the new normal? The pandemic emergency has brought serious difficulties around the world. And above all, he emphasized the limits and needs of each of us. In our sector, the real estate one, it has emerged that it has been of primary importance to be able to obtain space for autonomy and peace within the home. It should also be remembered how much the perception of basic hygiene rules has also changed, to the point of reaching, in some cases, even levels of psychological exasperation. But today we decided to share a very special project with you. The result of a situation that was hoped to be temporary but which in reality turned out to be stationary.
So, if you are sure you know more, we present the '' Casa Covida '' project in the next few lines! Let's start!

This novelty, as we have already anticipated, arises from the need to be able to isolate oneself while maintaining all the comforts. The structure was built in Colorado. And for its realization a super innovative technology has been adopted. Perhaps the most representative of recent years. 3D printing. Method that Emerging Objects has used to complete this very important work for real estate. But let's see the structure now. This is not really a house. But a hut. This choice was not accidental, as the need to be able to isolate oneself from the surrounding environment generated a further need. That of living in a natural environment. And you know, the rudimentary nature of a hut allows the achievement of this purpose. The hut is located in the San Luis Valley.

A desert area, which transforms simple living isolated from the surrounding reality into a real 360-degree experience. The structure is divided into three cylindrical volumes. They are connected to each other and represent the '' skeleton '' of the hut. The materials used for the structures brought are not random. We are talking about sand, silt, water and clay. A more than sustainable choice, which faithfully recalls the idea of a natural and ecological project. How can these materials combine with 3D technology, you ask. The answer is simple. Through the use of the '' sacred ''. A robotic arm that generates regular shapes, which will subsequently be dried and hardened in the sun.

The appliances have also been inserted and designed through this innovative construction technique. A clear example of how the main direction is precisely that of eco-sustainability also in terms of consumption.
The entire structure also has its own relaxation area, where you can further appreciate its naturalistic vocation. In short, a fantastic project for those who want to create an environment that is distant from the critical issues that characterize the period we are experiencing.
The coolest part? Without a doubt the fuchsia roof, which makes the whole house look like a huge cactus. In short, the perfect way to blend in in the Colorado desert, with great style.

What can I say, a clear example of how the combination of innovation and sustainability is possible even in critical times!

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