The dream house changes: the new wishes

We have already covered this in previous guides. But it should be further emphasized that the needs of buyers are currently in constant flux. Especially when it comes to your dream home or temporary rental. In fact, it seems that, according to studies, there is a real gulf between the needs from the beginning of the lockdown and the current situation. We could all start from the simple affirmation that '' the more space there is, the better off ''. In fact, industry experts overturned this mantra that seemed to have become so established.

Statistics underline that preferences towards villas, cottages or even farmhouses have increased, but only by 12% more than in 2020. A very small percentage which, however, counts a lot in this case. Ditto for balconies and terraces, now a must have for the homes of our dreams. However, if this is the guideline in the process of choosing a property to buy, the same cannot be applied for the signing of leases. Let's look at the minimum required surface. It will be increased - you will think. It actually remained unchanged. We are talking about about 65 square meters. And we will tell you more. The maximum area is even reduced by almost 2 percentage points.

But to what do we owe these substantial differences between the two types?
Basically, the increase in space availability, for rent, automatically determines an increase in the rent. Reason for which, considering already upstream that it will be a non-definitive solution, we will try to find apartments in good condition but without great comforts. The choice of the house of one's dreams is totally different. As it is seen as a definitive investment and destined to remain over time. Which is why it is not surprising how the maximum expense, in this case, has increased.

But in addition to these purely numerical data, there is a further element of detachment between the two types. That is the area where you actually prefer to relocate. Temporarily or permanently. In the case of the actual purchase, the areas adjacent to large urban agglomerations are preferred. Possibly close to more natural rural areas. And guess what the future underwriters of a lease are looking for instead? The exact opposite! In fact, for rents one opts for central solutions.

Whether they are perfectly connected to the urban network or, for those who want to spend more, in the most lively and main part of the metropolis.
If, on the one hand, we therefore need to fulfill a desire for independence and detachment from urban reality, on the other, the idea of feeling an integral part of the city itself emerges. Although in the collective imagination, therefore, there was a single path of choice, which united both types, in reality, as can be seen from our column, the differences are evident. How will the situation be in a few months? Will there be a new change or will the balance remain unchanged? To answer this question, we will have to wait. But in the meantime, stay up to date on our portal. Always here, always with Realigro!

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