Bathroom furniture: the latest trends

The cold season can put a strain on our home. Not only in terms of heating and consumption. Often to put us in difficulty, it is the ability of our house to adhere to the new trends of the moment. Lately we have often dealt with various topics about home deco. But today, our attention will fall on how to furnish the bathroom. To have a more autumnal style. So, even if you can't wait to give your bathroom a new twist, we can begin to illustrate the latest trends!

First of all we select the most colors. Did you know that dark bathrooms are the fashion of the moment? For years, in fact, light interiors in general totally dominated the interior design scene. Currently, however, they seem to have lost altitude. Black is often chosen as a symbol of elegance. Although this color makes the spaces smaller, it gives more character to the whole environment. Obviously it is not recommended for very small rooms.

After discovering that black is a must-have not only for clothing, but also for interiors, we can dedicate ourselves to other furnishing accessories. Long ago, gilded or auburn taps were in fashion. Although this phase seemed to have been overcome, we can say with certainty that these elements are back in fashion. Chrome and brass are the new materials that are popular and not just for the bathroom. They are also recommended as details of other furniture that require the use of similar materials.

But the size of the taps? Viva the extra large, synonymous with super comfort! In addition to being aesthetically pleasing to the eye, the larger taps compared to the usual standards, guarantee a much more pleasant and enveloping experience in the shower.

Still talking about comfort, the big question: better shower or bath? This is a real dilemma. But the answer is all in the intended use. If we prefer a bathroom typically in autumn style, obviously it is preferable to select the second option. How not to associate the idea of total relaxation with the bathtub - perhaps with an integrated whirlpool! At the same time, the shower is typical of the summer period, but can be made even more comfortable thanks to the inclusion of functional accessories (such as lights for chromotherapy).

Last but not least is the use of mirrors. Autumn brought with it new alternatives to the standard options that have characterized home deco in recent years.
In fact, if in the past small mirrors were preferred, surrounded by rich and evident frames, today the wide mirrors are the real protagonists!

There is no established form. No rules, except the one related to our personal taste. Frames or decorated, hung or simply placed on a piece of furniture, it doesn't matter. What matters is that they are as big as possible!
The larger your mirrors, the more light they can reflect even in smaller bathrooms.

After finishing with our advice, we can only wish you a good job to modernize your bathroom!

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