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Pioneering real estate services.   

Innovation is the only way to follow in order to overcome a crisis.

Realigro Real Estate is the real estate network that offers pioneering services to real estate developers who aim at working on the global market.

The professional platform of Realigro Real Estate is directed to

·         real estate agencies and realtors

·         professionals managing holiday rental properties

·         building firms

·         real estate brokers

·         private individuals


Realigro has understood that contacts constitute the leading-to-success factor for professionals working in the real estate field; for this reason, it helps realtors find not only new potential clients, but also new properties to sell/rent to potential buyers/tenants. Realigro gives the opportunity to manage the sale/rent of real estate properties inserted by private individuals.

Realigro global platform allows publishing and personalizing real estate adverts by adding 8 pictures, a video, the position on the Google map, the Street View and the description of the real estate properties in 4 different languages. Realigro puts a constantly updated Newsroom at the disposal of users.

Realigro is aware of the fact that internationalisation is a key factor for the success of a real estate business; therefore, adverts will be automatically indexed in 24 languages.

Realigro firmly believes that cooperation between agencies is fundamental and promotes the use of a Multiple Listing Service, a shared database that makes the number of business opportunities increase considerably for affiliated members.

Realigro makes great investments in webmarketing and works constantly for the updating of the platform with state-of-the-art technologies, as it aims at providing realtors with the latest tools and services in order to contribute in increasing their business opportunities and turnover.

In order to become a Realigro member, it is compulsory to have the necessary licence, in compliance with the laws in force in the country the agent wants to work in.

Realigro Real Estate offers a wide range of franchising options that can meet the various needs and wishes of real estate agencies:

Agency: Realigro agencies use Realigro brand name and sign.

No Office: this is a revolutionary and dynamic form of franchising affiliation, as it is not necessary to have an office.


Co-Branding: the agency will place Realigro brand name beside its own brand name.


Advert package: with this form of affiliation it is possible to publish a limited number of real estate adverts.


Package for professionals managing holiday rentals: this form of affiliation is entirely dedicated to professionals who manage holiday rentals exclusively (hotels, B&Bs, camp sites, motels, agrotourism farms, holiday homes, time sharing properties, tourist villages, etc.) and allows the insertion of an unlimited number of holiday rental real estate properties.

Package for private individuals managing holiday rentals: this form of affiliation enables private individuals to publish one or two holiday rental properties they own.

Realigro perfectly knows that very often real estate agencies cannot pay high fees and royalties; for this reason, it offers professional and reliable real estate agencies the possibility to become a member of Realigro by paying only a very low entrance fee. No commissions or royalties will be demanded by the franchisor in any case.

Furthermore, Realigro Real Estate will not participate in real estate transactions, unless its intervention is specifically demanded by affiliated agencies; indeed, our efficient network grants full managerial and decision-making autonomy to its members. However, our team of experts will always be at the disposal of affiliated members in order to supply an effective marketing, technical and logistic support.

To receive more information about Realigro Real Estate network and working system, do not hesitate to contact Realigro Team by writing at info@realigro.com.

You can also contact our Development Area by writing to

Vera Indino: vera.indino@realigro.com, mobile phone: +393496344819


Paola Meleleo: paola.meleleo@realigro.com, mobile phone: +393270446059

Real Estate for Sale
Italy, Pesaro e Urbino, Fermignanovia sant'angiolino,3

Sale Villas
1,629,240.00 USD
400 mq

Italy, Grosseto, ScarlinoMarina di Scarlino

Sale Villas
13.57 USD
540 mq

Brazil, Bahia, Arraial d' Ajudacentro

Sale Villas
274,927.10 USD
450 mq

Italy, Alessandria, TortonaSarezzano

Sale Agricultural Firm
1.35 USD
200 mq

Real Estate for Rent
Italy, Torin, TorinoCorso Siracusa

Rent Office
3,910.17 USD
225 mq

Italy, Imperia, Sanremovia costiglioli 100

Rent Apartments
407.31 USD
26 mq

Latvia, Riga , RigaCenter; Eksporta street

Rent Apartments
950.39 USD
55 mq

Italy, Perugia, TodiLoc. Ficareto-Casaccia

Rent Villas
1,900.78 USD
180 mq

Holiday rental properties
Tunisia, Tunisi , Marsamarsa

Rent-Holidays Apartments
407.31 USD
150 mq

Italy, Trapani, Marsalavia Gambini 44

Rent-Holidays Holiday Houses
40.73 USD
120 mq

Italy, Ascoli Piceno, Monsampolo del TrontoC.da Pagliare 17

Rent-Holidays Apartments
678.85 USD
50 mq

Brazil, Bahia, Arraial D' Ajudacentro

Rent-Holidays Villas
934.75 USD
400 mq


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