Swiss construction: news on price increases


Swiss construction: news on price increases

Schweizerische Eidgenossenschaf in German, in French Confédération suisse, Switzerland under each
perspective has always had a super partes role in every circumstance and period.
With a history of its own, the Confederation has managed to play a comfortable position with respect to all
 other European nations.
Perhaps because of its particular form of state, or the form of government, or even its size
 limited, even today does not stop its revolutionary wave.

For decades now growth in all sectors (economic and otherwise) has been unstoppable.
With its 8.4 million inhabitants, it is also reborn in the construction sector despite numerous problems.
Despite the crisis and the unfortunately coercive price increase, Switzerland is showing a rising trend in the real estate sector.
As confirmed by Credit Suisse in the Swiss real estate market report 2018, positive overall news cooperates in consolidating the desire for a homeownership.
And fortunately for investors, mortgage costs remain predominantly low.
Swiss GDP also contributed to the acceleration of property fever. In fact, investors feel instead of investing in other areas.
 Thanks to the revival of the economy, households have the possibility of extending the volume of work, resulting in an increase in income.
brick remains a facilitated option, especially for those who, like institutional investors, have to manage a lot of liquidity.
On the real estate market there is currently a lot of offers and a steady increase is expected in the coming decades.
Many promoters have invested in real estate and income-generating buildings.
And the owners?
To cope with this inversion of course, not to risk a devaluation of the property, are willing to annex over the months of rent, season tickets, parking lots, large gardens for not letting potential renters escape. Therefore, more offer means that compared to a few years ago, those looking for an apartment today can find a higher quality or better contractual conditions for the same cost. It's time to invest in Switzerland.
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